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You can call me “Eileen”

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Though this is my first post on this blog, it is not my first post ever by a long shot. This blog continued from a blog I wrote before called “Screaming Fat Girl“, which was about psychology and weight loss. The truth is though that there is a giant wealth of content I’m leaving behind in a digital digest, but it is a part of my real identity which I will continue to protect as the bias against overweight people is so strong that I’m afraid my success as a writer in other venues would be undermined by the knowledge that I am/have been very fat.

Since my identity is no longer wrapped up in my weight, I’m using my ¬†middle name for this blog. It’s not exactly the “real me”, but it’s a little closer. The truth is that I don’t even like that name, but like many areas of ourselves, we have to “own” rather than deny even those things which we wish were different. Only by accepting the whole of ourselves can we begin to work with our weaknesses and find a starting point for change.

So, any readers who have come over from my other blog who knew me as SFG (Screaming Fat Girl) can now call me “Eileen”. It is my name, after all, just not the one I usually go by.


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September 12, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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